So the Call for Papers Deadline has passed and we have had some really exciting submissions. The full timetable and abstract information for all of our speakers will be available shortly.

In the meantime, registration has now officially opened for attendees and will remain open until Wednesday 13th June. If you are interested in attending please send an email to: pgtancientconference@gmail.com stating your:



course (if applicable)

dietary requirements (to ensure you are correctly catered for at lunch)

and whether you would like to attend the Barber Institute Coin Collection tour and handling session.


We hope to see you there!

All the best,

The Conference Team


Due to the busy nature of recent weeks we have decided to extent the deadline for abstract submissions to the 30th May!

We are pleased to announce that Dr Niall McKeown has kindly agreed to give a talk at the conference on early stage research as our keynote speaker. 


PG/UG Ancient History and Literature Conference

Thursday 14th June 2012, Arts Building (room TBC)

The University of Birmingham

 Call for Papers

 The PG/UG Ancient History and Literature Conference is an event organised by PG’s from the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity (IAA). The conference is aimed at individuals, both UNDERGRADUATE and POSTGRADUATE, who wish to present a talk relating to their current research disciplines that encompass the areas covered by the IAA. This is an excellent opportunity for students to present their ideas in a formal setting, to receive suggestions and ideas to help make improve their work. It is also an opportunity to meet and socialise with other students in the University, some of whom may be doing research in a similar area. Presenting a paper is a wonderful way to enhance your CV and set you apart from the crowd. For anyone interested in further study the conference will provide a great foundation in preparing and delivering an academic paper and seeing what kind of research is undertaken at MA/MPhil level.

We particularly encourage 2nd year UG’s who wish to submit an abstract on possible dissertation research to do so. Shorter presentation times of 10 minutes are available for this purpose (approx. 2000 words)

As part of this conference the Barber Institute of Fine Arts has kindly offered to hold a handling session of coins from the ancient world as well as tea and coffee for all participants in the conference. The Barber Institute houses coins from Classical Antiquity and is home to the finest collection of Byzantine coins outside of the U.S. It is well-suited to those with research interests in Byzantine history and in numismatics generally.

Giving a talk can be a daunting task but this is a chance to gain some valuable experience for your CV, present your research in a friendly and supportive environment and receive valuable peer feedback.

We invite abstract submissions (250 words maximum) from any individuals interested in giving a 15-20 minute talk (roughly 2,500-3,000 words) that is related to their research interests or dissertation work falling in the following areas:


–  Ancient History

–  Classical Literature

–  Modern Reception of Classical Literature

–  Religion in Antiquity

–  Medieval History and its links with the Ancient World.

–  Archaeology

–  Heritage Management

–  Egyptology

–  Classical Languages


Please send your abstracts to pgtancientconference@gmail.com, providing your name, course title, and level. If you would like a sample abstract then please let us know and we will forward one along. We look forward to hearing from you!